5 More Tips for Great SEO Web Content

5 More Tips for Great SEO Web Content

Adelaide SEO TipsNo doubt if you’ve done research on how to best optimise your website, you’ve heard the catchphrase, “Content is king.” That’s because no matter how many times Google changes its algorithms and no matter how many different devices consumers use to access the Internet, one thing will always be true in regards to white hat SEO: good content is vital. Without informative and/or entertaining content, there’s really not a whole lot left as incentive for human or search engine traffic. Take a look at these five tips for consistently adding great SEO content to your site.

1. Make It Multimedia

Sure, lots of visitors read the text on your website, but with so many devices that connect to the Internet these days, you’d be remiss not to include other ways to engage them. Videos, photos, audio clips, and even games are all great forms of content that entice visitors to come to your site, stay for a while, and then return often.

2. Written Content

Of course, you can’t rely on videos and audios alone; you will need to provide great written content for your site, text that tells visitors who you are and what you offer. The text should function as a 24/7 sales letter without being overtly pushy. That’s a fine line to write but it helps if you focus less on incorporating certain keywords and more on writing naturally, in much the same way you speak. During a conversation with a friend, describe your business and use this verbal description as the basis for your written content. Strive to be helpful and you could become known as a trusted authority in your niche.

3. Pictures Say It Best

Sometimes it’s best to use a picture rather than try to explain a concept or idea via words. This is especially helpful if you want to post a how-to session or demonstration of the various ways your product works. Be sure that you include appropriate meta tags in the photo descriptions and keywords in the captions. Videos need to be optimised, too!

4. Update Often

No matter what type of platform your website resides on, be sure that you update the content often. This is good not only for SEO purposes (to show search engines spiders new activity so they index it more often) but also for human visitors, who be enticed to return on a regular basis. It’s easiest to update a blog quite often but if you have a traditional website, find new content to post daily (best) or weekly (better) if at all possible.

5. Host a Contest

One form of content that is great for SEO, promotion and driving traffic is a contest. Ask participants to post their entry (a written essay or a photo, for instance) directly on your site then further capitalise on that momentum and SEO goodness by having visitors vote for their favourite entry online. It’s a win-win situation for your business and the lucky contestant who wins the prize!

If content is indeed king then you, business owner, must be considered the price of search engine optimisation. Make sure your website is updated often with multimedia content, graphic images and contests that drive traffic to your site for best SEO results.  Need help? Market Ease in Adelaide delivers excellent SEO and content solutions. Contact us for a quote.