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What You Need to Know About SEO in 2014

2014 SEO

Many non-marketers are struggling these days with figuring out the role of SEO in 2014. In light of the changes following Panda, Penguin, and of course more recently, Hummingbird, the playing field has changed quite dramatically. And this is leaving many business owners floundering. What’s changed in terms of on-page SEO and link building? And […]

How to Create the Perfect Content Plan for 2014

Content plan 2014

There are as many ways to create a content marketing plan as there are content marketers. That said, there are some standard components that most content marketers include in their strategies. In today’s post, I’m going to outline a basic framework you can use to create your own content plan for 2014. This framework will […]

4 Ways Businesses Can Make the Most of Hashtags

People making hashtags with their fingers

If you’ve been active on social networking sites for any length of time, you’re likely already familiar with hashtags. In the unlikely event that you don’t know what they are, let me give a quick explanation: a hashtag is simply  a word or phrase preceded by the # symbol. They’re essentially a tool for filtering, […]

Capture Leads With Google AdWords (Without Blowing Your Budget)

Lead Capture

There’s no doubt that Google AdWords can be an important lead generation tool for marketers and business owners. By carefully structuring your AdWords campaigns, you can quickly drive highly relevant, cost-effective traffic to your website. And, contrary to what many people might assume, there is most definitely a place for paid advertising within the context […]

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