What to Look For in a SEO Company

What to Look For in a SEO Company

stick_figure_browsing_open_folder_6728You can choose to work with an SEO company that provides only the consultancy, leaving the implementation up to you, or with one that implements the necessary search strategies for you. Regardless of your choice, you should look for a company that:

Understands social media marketing

Social media marketing is in 2012 simply too big to be ignored. Almost everyone who’s online is on Facebook and Twitter, and your target audience is there too. The SEO company you choose should have a detailed social media program that will help you discover the best social networks to use for your market.

Knows what exactly you’re selling

The aim of SEO is to rank your website highly for highly targeted keywords, those that match your customers’ searches. This guarantees that the bulk of visitors you get are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, and thus more likely to make a purchase. The SEO company or consultant you choose has to understand what exactly you’re selling before they can find the critical keywords and build an SEO strategy around them.

Understands the special SEO needs of SMEs

Unlike big businesses, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have a limited optimisation budget, which makes it impossible for them to implement the necessary strategies. For SMEs, organic SEO strategies, those which aim to improve rankings and traffic through on-page optimisation, are much more cost-effective in the long run than pay-per-click or other marketing strategies frequently used by large corporations.

Doesn’t over-optimize

Google has recently announced a new change to its algorithm that will penalize over-optimization. Websites made for search engines and not for people will suffer the most. Because a website that’s over-optimized for search engines can rank as poorly as one that’s under-optimized, the SEO firm or consultant you choose should have as focus first the content, and only second the SEO techniques.

Has good communication skills

Website optimisation is always a work in progress. If you expect to reach the top of search engines and stay there, you’ll need an SEO firm or consultant to work in partnership with your business. To collaborate effectively, the consultant you work with has to communicate their ideas clearly, and to keep you updated with the latest developments in the internet marketing world.

Finally, there’s one more thing you should look for in an SEO company or consultant: entrepreneurial spirit. To suggest the most effective optimisation strategies for you, a consultant has to understand your mission and what your business is all about.