SEO Melbourne – 5 Critical Ranking Factors

SEO Melbourne – 5 Critical Ranking Factors

images2Google uses hundreds of ranking factors to determine the position of websites in the search results page. Among these factors, a handful are critical, and if you base your SEO Melbourne strategy on them, your websites will improve their ranking considerably. The crucial ranking factors include:

  1. Content

Content is the number one ranking factor. In 2012, Google values fresh content, that is unique and relevant. The best content is informative and relevant, and worth sharing on social networks. Make sure you implement social media sharing buttons on your web pages, to make sharing easier.

  1. Keywords

Keywords do matter because they help search engines discover what your web pages are all about. Without proper keywords you won’t reach a top position. Although the proper use of keywords should have priority in your SEO strategy, it’s important to avoid keyword stuffing, which does more harm than good. You want to put keywords in the page title, in the first and last paragraph, as well as in the middle of the text body.

  1. Web Page URL

It’s widely agreed in the SEO world that the cleaner and more relevant your URLs are, the better your Google ranking. To make URLs relevant to the content on your page, make sure they contain at least one keyword. When inserting your main keyword is not possible, try to use in the URL other phrases or words that occur in the text body. Also, when planning your SEO Melbourne strategy, consider the domain extension you’re using. If you want to rank on top for searches on, use the extension for your website.

  1. Incoming Links

When relevant websites link to you, Google deems your website reputable. It follows that the more incoming links you amass, the better. That said, a good SEO Melbourne strategy focuses on natural link-building, which although slower and more painstaking than artificial link-building, is more reliable in the long run, not to mention more ethical. Google has taken measures this year to punish low quality blog networks involved in artificial link-building, and websites relying on them will suffer.

  1. Semantic Code

When your web pages feature grammatically-correct content, working links, properly formatted text, and adequate headings, it gets a thumbs up from Google and other search engines. Your web pages will be more easily indexed.

Finally, when planning your SEO Melbourne strategy, don’t forget another important SEO ranking factor – the design of your website. Polish it until it’s clean and easy to navigate.