Reasons You Should be Guest Blogging

Reasons You Should be Guest Blogging

guest bloggingHave you considered adding guest blogging to your SEO and marketing strategy?

Read on to find out why you should be doing this more often:

  1. Blog owners want good content and have trouble keeping up with it. Your providing good content is often welcomed. You could get your post on a high visibility blog with a resource box / byline that links back to your site or blog. This link could be counted as highly valuable from an SEO perspective and it could drive new sources of traffic to your website.
  2. Your blog post could get read by people interested in what you have to say. As a result, they could click through to your website from your byline link and become customers, leads, subscribers, and part of your online tribe — a.k.a: people who re-tweet and “like” your posts.
  3. Guest blogging could help you with reputation optimisation. Your blog posts could get seen through search engines when people look for information. You could appear to be the answer to their problems — a person who provides knowledge. The more great content people find online associated with your business, the better the growth potential for you!
  4. Networking opportunities with guest blogging can be great.  Offering to guest post to a big traffic blog could help you get to know the blog owner. This connection could open future doors of opportunity for you.
  5. When you offer a guest blog to someone they may return the favor — giving you the opportunity to share something new with your audience, too. Of course you should have publishing standards, though. Just because someone has given you the right to publish on their blog doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have rules and regulations about what you want on your blog.  Remember when approaching a blog owner for a guest spot that they may ask for a return of the favor.

Finding the right guest blogs and writing great content isn’t always easy — especially when you have a business to run. Need help with your blogging strategy and overall SEO and marketing? Market Ease is an Adelaide area SEO company that can help!