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The Role of Keywords in Website SEO

At the heart of search engine optimisation are a website’s targeted keywords—phrases which Google users type in order to find information, products and services that they need. Search engines index and store keywords found on web pages and those entered by users. Following a search algorithm for calculating keyword relevance among others, matching web pages […]

Search Engine Optimisation Adelaide Content Writing Tips for Small Businesses

Google’s constant algorithm changes underscores the need for effective and continuous search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy in order to survive or withstand Google’s adjustments. While optimising a website involves a combination of marketing techniques, search engine optimisation Adelaide experts recommend high quality content development in order to shield small businesses from the latest Panda and […]

SEO Sydney Guide on Google’s Penguin Update

Providing relevant content and great site user experience are the basic principles underlying Google’s search algorithm and constant algorithm updates such as the recent Penguin update. SEO Sydney specialists stay informed of the latest algorithm changes in order to maintain or improve their clients’ top search rankings. The latest modification, also known as the Penguin […]

SEO Sydney – 6 Outdated SEO Strategies to Avoid

When you hire the services of an SEO Sydney company you want to make sure that the SEO strategies used on your website are not outdated. Outdated SEO strategies are not only ineffective, but can also lead to penalties. In other words, they can do you more harm than good. Avoid at all costs: • […]

Local Search Engine Optimization: SEO Adelaide Guide

SEO Adelaide

Large brands and well-established companies tend to rank well in Google’s universal and organic search results, making it increasingly difficult for small businesses to improve their search rankings and become visible on the Internet. In its continuing effort to provide the most relevant search results to users, Google recently announced one of its algorithm updates—the […]