4 Fundamental SEO Areas That Always Win Regardless of Pandas and Penguins and Other Critters

4 Fundamental SEO Areas That Always Win Regardless of Pandas and Penguins and Other Critters

SEO fundamentalsIf you’ve been doing your own search engine marketing for any length of time, you are surely aware that Google changes the rules on a regular basis. Every few months or so, the world’s largest search engine decides that complacency is taking over the efforts of internet marketers and it’s time to alter the rules in the form of new algorithms. Yes, this is bound to change how you market your company online. But – it shouldn’t change everything you are currently doing. Here are the top four SEO techniques that are never outdated, no matter what is happening in the world of search engine giants, their spiders, and their algorithms.

1. Market to Your Market

One thing that Google is continually striving to do is take black hat tactics out of the mix when it comes to page ranking. For every white hat technique, there is always at least one or two ways unscrupulous website owners find to do SEO the lazy, unethical way.

Stop focusing so much on technology and spend the majority of your time focusing on your target market; in other words, ensure that your website is appealing to people. If visitors find your pages to be useful, entertaining, and/or informative, your pages will rank higher, people will buy what you are selling, and your visitors will be back – and they are bound to share their positive experience with others. That’s always the best way to optimise your online presence.

2. Great Content

Here’s another thing that will never change – content is king. It may sound trite, but it’s true. Websites that provide useful, engaging and relevant content will always rank higher than spammy sites. Not only can people tell the difference between the two, search engines can, too. Keyword stuffing and meta tags that capitalise on popular search terms that have nothing to do with the site’s content are black hat techniques that are bound to fail over time.

Instead of worrying about the latest way to “fool” search engines into ranking your pages higher, try posting great content. That’s different for each site, but even an e-commerce site selling socks can benefit from blog posts, how-to videos and images showing the latest fashion trends.

3. Easy Navigation

What’s the one thing you want to visitors to your website to do? More than likely it’s buy something. Oddly enough, many e-commerce business owners don’t really pay attention to how easy – or how difficult – it is to find the right product and then purchase it.

When’s the last time you tried to buy something off your own site? Go ahead and try it, start to finish, and take note of how many keystrokes it takes, and how many options are provided along the way. It may be time to overhaul your shopping cart system.

4. Analyse

No matter how much you do to improve search engine optimisation on your website, you will never know what’s working and what isn’t unless you take the time to analyse current and past performance. Ensure that you take the time to examine the stats regularly.

You don’t need to fret about what algorithm Google is going to change next as long as you stick to these fundamental, tried-and-true methods of optimising your website. Yes, it’s important to stay up to date but if you have a solid SEO and marketing infrastructure in place you should be able to succeed online.

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