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30 Original Blog Post Ideas For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Notebook and pen: blog post ideas

Content marketing has changed the way we approach marketing; businesses are re-allocating money that was previously earmarked for traditional methods of marketing, and putting it towards the creation and promotion of content. And while content marketing has been proven to be effective in terms of building trust, generating leads and forging connections with customers, it […]

7 Steps to Creating an Effective Blog Outreach Campaign

Blog spelled out in magnets

  It’s possible you’ve already engaged in one, even if you didn’t know that’s what it was called: a blog outreach campaign is simply the process of reaching out to bloggers in your niche or industry as a way to promote your business. Chances are you’ve also been on the receiving end of a campaign… […]

Are Native Ads the Way Forward for Marketers?

Native advertising on computer screen:

If you’ve been paying for banner advertising over the past couple of years, it won’t surprise you to learn that click-through rates are at an all-time low. According to Google’s most recent DoubleClick Benchmarks Report, the average click-through rate for banner ads in Australia is a dismal .07%; and I think it’s particularly telling that the […]

Are Social Signals Part of Google’s Ranking Algorithm?

Social media graphic

Over the past couple of years, SEO’s and marketers have been theorizing and testing the idea that social signals are taken into account by Google as a ranking factor. Much has been written on the subject, however most experts have agreed that these signals – even if they weren’t currently being used – were likely […]

What You Need to Know About SEO in 2014

2014 SEO

Many non-marketers are struggling these days with figuring out the role of SEO in 2014. In light of the changes following Panda, Penguin, and of course more recently, Hummingbird, the playing field has changed quite dramatically. And this is leaving many business owners floundering. What’s changed in terms of on-page SEO and link building? And […]

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